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What is SLIK from OJK ?

Updated: May 17

Do you know the term BI Checking? We used to be quite familiar with this term, where if we wanted to apply for a loan or credit from a financial institution, there would be a BI Checking examination of the prospective borrower beforehand. Now, with the transfer of supervisory functions from Bank Indonesia (BI) to the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the process of examining the quality of prospective borrowers has also shifted to the OJK. Therefore, since 2018, the OJK has introduced SLIK as a debtor information system to replace the Debtor Information System (SID) from Bank Indonesia, where a year earlier, the reporting process from SID to SLIK in the Indonesian financial industry had already begun. From the perspective of prospective borrowers, this process may not be much different from the BI Checking process, but from the lender or reporter's side, this name change is also accompanied by several changes in data that need to be reported to the OJK as information for the OJK to perform better supervision."

Definition of SLIK

Before discussing SLIK further, it is important to understand what SLIK is. According to the explanation from OJK, "SLIK is an information system managed by OJK to support the supervision tasks and information services in the financial sector. SLIK can be used to facilitate the fund provision process, the implementation of credit or financing risk management, debtor quality assessment, human resource management at SLIK Reporter, verification for cooperation between SLIK Reporter and third parties, and improving financial industry discipline".

Changes in the SLIK Reporting Policy

SLIK OJK has undergone several changes since its initial launch. The latest change is in the reporting data to accommodate government policies related to restructuring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes are listed in OJK Circular Letter No. 3/SEOJK.03/2021, which is a refinement of SEOJK No.50/SEOJK.03/2017. The main points of the refinements in the SEOJK provisions are as follows:

  1. Adjustment of SEOJK about the refinement of POJK SLIK includes: - Additional SLIK reporters - Limitations on information requests and additional request procedures (top-up) - Debtor information - Online information requests by debtors - SLIK reporter withdrawal procedures - SLIK user registration procedures - Completeness of debtor information usage documents

  2. Refinement of SLIK reporting guidelines includes: - Adjustment of reference codes with reporting integration - ANTASENA including economic sector information, facility details, third-party groupings, country, and currency types. - Additional references to accommodate credit or financing that is restructured as part of stimulus policy.

Simple, Accurate, and Secure SLIK Reporting Solution

SLIK is quite adaptive to changes in policies or regulations from OJK, therefore an equally adaptive system is needed to face these changes, especially on the reporting side, which is the financial institutions in Indonesia. Therefore, we, PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA offers a solution in the form of a mature and tested web-based application to follow or implement the changes that have been actively made by OJK so far, the application is called Maleo SLIK.

PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA already has many customers from large financial institutions in Indonesia who have chosen to use the Maleo SLIK application for SLIK reporting to OJK from the start or as a switch. This shows that the Maleo SLIK application has proven to have adaptive features that make it easy for reporters to adapt to the active regulation changes made by OJK. Interested in learning more about Maleo SLIK or interested in seeing a demo of the application from us?

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