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How does SLIK Reporting Work Using the Maleo SLIK Application?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

In support of the implementation of supervision duties and financial information services, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has established an integrated tax reporting system-based application called SLIK (Financial Information Services System). Currently, PT ISID Indonesia has introduced a web-based application called Maleo SLIK as a solution related to SLIK reporting to the OJK. This application aims to assist financial institutions or companies in reporting SLIK-related information efficiently and easily in accordance with the provisions established by the OJK.

In general, Maleo SLIK has features that are well connected by data sources prepared by clients or financial institutions. For example, Maleo SLIK is able to perform validation and correction in forming output files or outputs in accordance with the applicable provisions of the OJK. On the other hand, there are still many advantages and benefits that can be presented by Maleo SLIK in the reporting process.

The above video provides an overview of how the Maleo SLIK application works, from preparing data to reporting to the OJK. Interested in learning more about Maleo SLIK or interested in watching a demo of our application?

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