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How is The Implementation Timeline of SLIK in The Indonesian Financial Industry?

Updated: May 15

Based on Law No. 21 of 2011 concerning the Financial Services Authority (OJK ), which includes:

  • Article 7: Authority in regulating and supervising debtor information systems

  • Article 69: Authority in regulating and developing the implementation of information systems between banks and other financial institutions transferred to OJK.

In 2017, the Financial Services Authority began introducing the Financial Information Services System (SLIK), which will replace the role of the Debtor Information System (SID), where at the beginning of its introduction, SLIK and SID were run in parallel. At the beginning of the introduction of SLIK, based on POJK No. 18/POJK.03/2017 and SEOJK No.50/SEOJK.03/2017, the types of reporters were divided into two categories:

Mandatory reporters:

  • Commercial banks

  • Rural banks

  • Financing institutions

  • Other financial services institutions, except for microfinance institutions

Voluntary reporters:

  • Peer-to-peer lending (Fintech)

  • Microfinance institutions

  • Other institutions that are not financial services institutions

And in 2020, OJK issued POJK No. 64/POJK.03/2020, which added mandatory reporters to include:

  • Commercial banks

  • Rural banks

  • Other LJKs providing funding facilities

  • Securities companies engaged in the business of securities trading intermediaries

  • Securities funding institutions

  • LJKs required in POJK

If we create a detailed timeline regarding the implementation of SLIK by OJK, it would be as follows:

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Source: Data processed from various sources.


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