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Why you need Small Starter Pack?

First time on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and UiPath? Don't have an idea for automation?

Small starter pack will help you to learn and familiar with UiPath. We provide UiPath Starter Pack to let you experience the look and feel of UIPath and trial it yourself. We offer support for you to plan, build, manage, run, and measure automation using UiPath.

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Collect Invoice from Email Automation

Starter Pack

This is the # 2 series  of the UiPath small starter pack series. We provide tutorials for implementing automation with examples of cases that are commonly encountered in everyday life.

Collect Invoice from Emails Automation

Collecting Invoice is not an easy process. It's time consuming process.

In this case, the firm’s bookkeeper need to collect many invoices from email. The firm's bookkeeper need to download the invoice from the email, move it into the  folder and filter it by date and sender.

If it needs to be processed each day and manually isn't the firm's bookkeeper user going to be overwhelmed?

Collect invoice manually (2).jpg

How UiPath Help Automate Collect Invoice from Emails?

UiPath robot capable of mimicking human user actions.

UiPath robot will help the firm’s bookkeeper to improve the speed of the operation and end the repetitive tasks.

Collect invoice automatically_edited_edi

Check our UiPath Starter pack series

Collect Invoice From Email Automation using UiPath

Build an automation with no code using UiPath StudioX

  • Create a new project by selecting blank task in the new project section.

  • Fill in the process name, location and description

  • Let's build the UiPath robot

  1. Add new package and select UiPath Credential Activities

  2. Add activity "Get Secure Credential" then enter Target, Password and Username

  3. Add activity "IMAAP Mail Messages" then enter Port, Server, Email, SecurePassword,  and Output Messages

  4. Add activity "For Each" and set iteration for each email with type MailMessage

  5. Add activity "If" and set the condition, email with subject contain "invoice" and has attachment

  6. Click tab "Variables", create a new variable mainPath to specify where the attached files will be saved

  7. Add activity "Assign", set folderByDate to group invoices by date

  8. Add activity "Assign", set folderBySender to create a folder based on the sender email

  9. Add activity "Save Attachment" to let the robot save the attachment into a folder

  10. Click button "Run" to let the robot collect invoice from email automatically

List of UiPath components on Collect Invoice From Email Automation :

  • Activity "Get Secure Credential"

  • Activity "IMAAP Mail Messages"

  • Activity "For Each"

  • Activity "If"

  • Activity "Assign"

  • Activity "Save Attachment"

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