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What is Lamp?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Lamp, which stands for "Leasing & Finance Advanced Management Portal" is an ideal package solution for leasing and financial business. The core of Lamp is a frame work and has modules to adapt to various financial business and scheme, such as Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Mortgage loan, factoring, hire purchase. By using Lamp, our customers can improve operational efficiency. Lamp global network has been implemented in 37 clients in 8 countries at 255 sites.

What was the expectation?

In the process of selecting a core system, our customers had interest in Lamp which covers almost the entire scope of leasing operations. These are are the modules of Lamp.

Mortage Loan Modul

Lamp delivers the one-stop solution from mortgage loan application to its contract details, repayment management and reports etc.

Dealer Front Web Module

Front web can allow the agency/dealer to input information directory and refer customer information. Lamp delivers the seamless data access and inquiry among mortgage company, agency, and dealer on secure environment.



Collection Management

In collection management module, Lamp record the operation during collection (print collection letter, SMS, Tel, External Collector Assignment, etc). And some of the action can be run in batch process.

Credit Risk Management Modul

Credit Risk Management, the functions consists of three main functions:

1. Customer credit rating management

Manage Credit rating , the results of the quantitative evaluation and qualitative evaluation rating. Evaluation indicators and threshold, the weight can be freely set for each customers. Manage the rating results of the past three quarters history , reducing the regular review load.

2. Credit Facility Management

Credit Facility and guarantee limit can be setup in Lamp for each customer. During creating new application, set linkage between application and limit, and check the available limit. In Lamp, customer can be grouped to parent customer, so the balance of group can be calculated.

3. NPL/Risk Management

Classification receivables based on the days in arrears for each repayments due date of contract.

Why did you choose Lamp ISID?

1. All in One : (Finance Lease, Mortgage Loan, Hire Purchase, Factoring)

Customer, Credit Balance, Credit Limit and etc. can be shared. Avoid duplicated work.

2. Functions as Financial Suite

Credit Management, Scoring, Workflow, Cash Management, Flexibility for Future Customization.

3. Understanding of New Requirement

Hearing by English, Thai, and Japanese. Excellent understanding from the experience of system integration.

4. Flexible to any size of business

Two types of solution On-premises and Cloud. ISID’s own solution, so easy to customize.

5. Comprehensive Solution

Easy integration with SIPP, SLIK Reporting, and other system.

6. Understanding the Development Policy

ISID understand the policy of the finance company and can proceed the project efficiently.

7. Experience of Finance and ERP Field

ISID can propose the solution from rich experience for the issue in the project and business.

Interest in purchasing or need more information?

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