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What is Lamp Consumer Finance? and How does It Work?

Updated: May 14

Do you need a system that can be integrated with other systems to fulfill the operational needs of consumer financing?

Lamp Consumer Finance is one of the flagship systems of PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA, which is a system to support consumer financing operations from the beginning of the contract until the end of the contract with various options such as early settlement, payment with various payment types, and handling of contracts that are late in payment such as warning letters and others. Lamp Consumer Finance also has several other features such as Insurance, Fiducia, BPKB, and Treasury. Lamp Consumer Finance is also flexible and has been tested to be easily and securely integrated with other systems such as e-mobile surveys and others. There are many other benefits that you will get if you use the Lamp Consumer Finance system to support your consumer financing operations.

If you are interested in learning more about the features of the Lamp Consumer Finance system, please watch the following video:

Or if you need a Lamp Consumer Finance system demo, please submit your email via the link below:


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