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SISCA: Leading Solution for Efficient Credit Analysis

In the dynamic world of finance, the ability to conduct quick and accurate credit analysis is key to the success of lending institutions. In response to this challenge, PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA introduces SISCA (SLIK IDeb Scoring for Credit Analysis), an innovation that brings convenience and efficiency to the credit analysis process.

SISCA is a credit analysis tool that combines technology and expertise in data processing to provide predictions of credit behavior based on credit reports. It does this by reading IDeb files from OJK and presenting the data in an intuitive dashboard. SISCA assists lenders in evaluating the creditworthiness of individuals and businesses more efficiently and accurately. One of the main advantages of SISCA is its ability to streamline the previously time-consuming credit analysis process. With SISCA, companies can quickly review individual customer files, generating the necessary credit information without spending significant time and effort.

Furthermore, SISCA also considers aspects of governance, risk, and compliance with the regulations of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). This ensures that SISCA users can be confident that credit decisions take into account various important factors in risk management.

The ease and speed offered by SISCA make it the leading solution for efficient credit analysis in today's financial market. With SISCA, lending institutions can make credit decisions more timely and informed, strengthening their position amidst tough competition.

For companies looking to improve efficiency and accuracy in their credit analysis processes, SISCA is the right choice. Learn more about SISCA and its benefits at

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