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SISCA, Credit Analysis System that Enhances the Performance of Credit Analysts. How Does It Work and What Are Its Benefits?

Technology continues to evolve, and one innovation worth considering is SISCA (SLIK IDeb Scoring for Credit Analysis). What is the actual mechanism behind SISCA, and what are its benefits? Let's delve deeper.

  1. Collection of Valid Data Sources: SISCA begins its journey by collecting data in JSON format from IDeb OJK. This solution extracts crucial data from the IDeb Viewer application, presenting it in an easily understandable format.

  2. Effective and Efficient: SISCA doesn't just collect data; it is designed to reduce the time and effort required by credit analysts. With SISCA, credit analysts can make faster decisions based on the complex information within IDeb OJK data. The automated processes in SISCA ensure a more efficient workflow.

  3. Easily Understandable Data Summaries: One of SISCA's main advantages is its ability to generate easily understandable data summaries. SISCA presents information in a structured manner, allowing users, especially credit analysts in the financial services industry, to quickly grasp an overall picture without delving into complex data details.

  4. Structured Reports: In addition to data summaries, SISCA also generates structured reports. These reports are designed to provide in-depth understanding of the credit situation of potential debtors. Thus, users can make more accurate and efficient decisions.

  5. Support for Business Sustainability: SISCA doesn't stop at providing up-to-date information. Through its solution, SISCA supports business sustainability by providing easy and fast access to the necessary credit information. This helps the financial services industry remain competitive and responsive to market changes.

With its integrated working mechanism and focus on efficiency, SISCA is committed to positioning itself as a solution to the challenges of credit analysis in the digital era. SISCA can be a reliable partner in effective and efficient credit analysis processes. For more information about SISCA or if you are interested in witnessing a demo of the SISCA application, please visit our website at

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