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How does SharePoint and Nintex Collaborate in Developing the E-Memo Application?

Updated: May 8

In carrying out business processes professionally, it is certainly necessary to have good and efficient data management implementation with the aim of helping your business productivity run as expected.

PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA is here as a provider of SharePoint services that is experienced and helps create innovative solutions in achieving business processes. This is supported by the effectiveness of SharePoint, where business processes can be easily accessed both from the office or mobile and can be provided with a cloud infrastructure environment.

How SharePoint and Nintex Collaborate in Developing E-Memo Application?

One of the examples of SharePoint that has been presented by PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA to maximize business productivity is the development of the E-Memo application supported by Nintex Workflow solutions. In general, the latest E-Memo application has several advantages built on SharePoint 2016 and Nintex Workflow 2016.

The E-Memo application can be accessed by users, not only from the workplace but also from users' personal mobile devices. This ability is considered a very important capability since most of the bank's top management often use users' mobile devices to access the application. With this ability, users can easily approve or reject a memo.

One important feature in E-Memo is the "Change Approver" feature. By using this feature, users or admins can add and give new approvals to a specific approval sequence, change a specific approval giver, change the approval sequence, or delete the approval sequence. When the change approver process changes the approval giver, the application will call the Web API to perform "Force Complete". Next, the workflow will continue to the next step and create a task for new approval.

Benefit Nintex – SharePoint

Overall, the integration of Nintex Workflow and SharePoint into the latest E-Memo application provides significant benefits for the bank, including:

Cost efficiency

The digital workflow of Nintex eliminates the need for paper and ink and eliminates the cost of sending and retrieving physical memos, resulting in increased cost efficiency.

Transparency of communication

The memo provides evidence of what was communicated, which reduces the risk of miscommunication and helps resolve any disputes or conflicts between employees and managers.

Operational record-keeping

By storing digital copies of all memos, the bank has a complete record of operations that can be used for auditing and to show to investors and other stakeholders.

Operational flexibility and efficiency

Employees can create and send memos efficiently, and digital memos can be read in the employee's free time, without interrupting their work.

Encourages critical thinking

The concise and direct nature of the E-Memo format encourages critical thinking about the content and purpose of the memo, providing a clear picture of the memo's long-term objectives.

Shorter memo completion time

With just one click, the bank can release a memo to hundreds or even thousands of employees, eliminating the need for manual distribution and reducing memo completion time.

It sounds like SharePoint from PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA can provide many benefits for businesses looking to improve their processes and workflows. If anyone is interested in learning more about SharePoint and how it can help their business, they can contact PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA at

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