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Simplify Tax Reporting with the Latest Feature from ERAI: Prepopulated Data Processing

Updated: May 14

PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA introduces ERAI as a solution to streamline and expedite the process of reporting incoming and outgoing tax invoices through the e-Faktur application from the Directorate General of Taxation. ERAI prides itself on its advantages in speed, affordability, and user-friendliness, allowing automatic reporting for large tax invoices in just 1-2 hours with a single click.

ERAI features two standout functionalities, namely the processing of outgoing and incoming tax invoices.


Prepopulated Data Processing

Furthermore, ERAI now comes with the latest feature in processing incoming tax invoices, namely Prepopulated Data Processing. For incoming tax invoices, ERAI executes the process through two methods: PDF Tax Invoice Processing and Prepopulated Data Processing. The distinction between the two lies in their document sources. PDF Tax Invoice Processing implies that ERAI will read and report the tax invoice PDF file through the eFaktur application to the Directorate General of Taxation. On the other hand, Prepopulated Data Processing means that ERAI can retrieve and report tax invoices previously filled or uploaded within the application to the Directorate General of Taxation.


With ERAI, tax reporting becomes more efficient, affordable, and easily accomplished, helping companies meet their tax obligations quickly and accurately.

If you are interested in learning more about this latest feature of ERAI or would like to witness a demo of the application, please submit your email through the following link:

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