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Merger Announcement

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Dear Our Valued Customer,

Thank you for your continuous support to PT lSlD lndonesia and PT Ebiz Cipta Solusi.

We are pleased to announce that, effective from 1st September 2021, PT ISID lndonesia will merge with our subsidiary PT Ebiz Cipta Solusi. We will keep operating under the name of PT ISID lndonesia.

As the result of the merger, PT ISID lndonesia will succeed all PT Ebiz Cipta Solusi's rights and obligations. This merger will allow us to create more efficient management structure and expected to increase productivity.

We are looking forward to our continued relationship in this new environment and trust that this merger will serve to strengthen our business relationship.

Yours faithfully, Takuya Ono Dedy Effendi Lingga President Director President Director PT. lSlD lndonesia PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi


The composition of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of PT ISID Indonesia upon 1st September 2021

Board of Directors

President Director: Mr. Takuya Ono

Vice President Director: Mr. Dicky Widjaja

Director: Mr. Tsuyoshi Hirashima

Director: Mr. Shinichi Umino

Director: Mr. Tomonori Miyata

Board of Commissioners

Commissioner: Ms. Tomoe Yamashita (Hirata)

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