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ISID Creates Nissan Cloud HPC/CAE System

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Built Hybrid Environment Using the ScaleX®, Contributes to the Creation of Innovative Products through Quicker Analysis

Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President, CEO & COO: Ryoichi Nawa; hereinafter, “ISID”), announces that it has developed the Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., (hereinafter, “Nissan”) cloud HPC1/CAE environment (hereinafter, “the system”) built using the ScaleX® large-scale analysis platform provided by Rescale, Inc

The system, which performs computer simulations such as collision analysis and fluid analysis requiring large amounts of machine resources executed in a cloud-based HPC environment, commenced full-scale operation in November 2019. It is the largest analysis system in Japan using ScaleX, which can process tens of thousands of cores simultaneously during peak times, contributing to significantly shortening the time required for analyzing complex data with a wide range of verification cases and large amounts of data. Currently, ISID provides the system configuration that can be used seamlessly in combination with Nissan's own environment, but in the future we plan to gradually transition to full cloud utilization.

Nissan had previously considered using a full-scale cloud HPC/CAE in response to the increasing need for analysis related to product diversification, shorter delivery times and more complex product structures. However, this presented a challenge, as large-scale system development was essential for achieving seamless coordination with Nissan’s environment and implementing a gradual transition. ISID assumes a pioneering role in providing cloud CAE services in the Japanese market and has supported the development of cloud CAE environments for many manufactures, and we are highly evaluated for its deep knowledge in both CAE and cloud integration. As a result, we were selected as a system integration partner of the system.

ScaleX, which ISID has handled since June 2019, is an integrated service that supports the utilization of more than 370 applications, mainly in the CAE field, with a multi-cloud infrastructure.2It conducts simplified and on-demand processing of simulations and complex data on a large scale, as well applications, which combined with hardware optimized for desired application computation volumes and budgets, enables easy data processing. It contributes to shortening the product development lifecycle, reducing costs by optimizing analysis resources, and creating innovative products through simulations. ScaleX website (Japanese only):

ISID will continue to contribute to the creation of advanced systems for customers including manufacturingindustries through the provision of cloud CAE services while providing IT solutions and services that accurately meet a variety of needs.


  1. HPC: High Performance Computing: Using a large-scale, high-performance computer system to perform computations that require a large amount of computation per unit time.

  2. Multi-cloud environment: Using multiple cloud services from different providers together in corporate information systems. They are used separately for each application or system and linked together for seamless operation.

* ScaleX is a registered trademark of Rescale, Inc.

** Company and product names in this release are the trademark or registered trademark of each company respectively.

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