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IDP/FAAS: Smart Solution for Detection and Processing of Financial Transactions

In an increasingly complex financial era, the need for intelligent solutions to detect and manage financial transactions becomes crucial. IDP/FAAS emerges as the forefront solution developed by PT DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA, utilizing artificial intelligence to ensure security, efficiency, and accuracy in every financial transaction.

Definition of IDP/FAAS: IDP/FAAS is an intelligent document processing solution supported by artificial intelligence. Specifically designed to assist financial institutions in detecting, managing, and processing financial transactions more efficiently. Its primary focus is on processing documents related to financial transactions, such as bank statements, to enhance data security and accuracy.

Key Features of IDP/FAAS:

  1. Detecting Manipulated Transactions: In the financial world, the need for monitoring and securing transactions is increasingly urgent, especially in the face of potential manipulation or fraudulent transactions. IDP/FAAS offers several outstanding features that provide effective protection against detrimental financial practices. These features include the detection of manipulated transactions such as RTGS, clearing slips, and loan transactions, even on public holidays. IDP/FAAS is also capable of checking transaction amounts, identifying violations such as RTGS transactions below the minimum limit, improper use of CDM with invalid amounts, and checking the eligibility of interest tax on savings exceeding 20%. Its ability to detect simultaneous withdrawal and deposit transactions in the same line is an added value. Furthermore, IDP/FAAS focuses on date and time aspects, identifying invalid or suspicious transaction dates and ensuring that transactions occur within the appropriate time range. With intelligent algorithms, IDP/FAAS can identify suspicious transaction patterns and take preventive actions.

  2. Detecting Negative Behavior: In efforts to prevent and address negative behavior in the financial world, IDP/FAAS stands out as a prominent solution with advanced features. IDP/FAAS not only focuses on detecting fraudulent actions, such as clearing rejections, penalty payments, and liability suspensions but also has the ability to identify overdue fees and account closures that can be detrimental. Moreover, IDP/FAAS pays attention to period examination aspects, highlighting transactions conducted below the required period length and ensuring continuity and timely accuracy in financial reports by checking the last month's compliance with the month before the application was made. By integrating strict monitoring and meticulous financial policy enforcement, FAAS provides robust protection against the negative impacts of detrimental behaviors in the financial environment.

  3. Detecting Loan-Related Transactions: IDP/FAAS helps detect transactions related to loans, such as risk indicators covering loan disbursement, payment tracking including loan interest payments, loan principal payments, and loan fees/penalties (including collateral fees, provisions, notary, and appraisal). Additionally, the system provides insights into loan usage by displaying the total negative balance in the bank statement along with daily activities. Furthermore, it highlights zero balance activity, showcasing instances of a balance of 0 in the bank statement along with daily activities.

  4. Forgery or File Format Manipulation Detection: IDP/FAAS presents a robust set of features to detect forgery within documents. Through meticulous analysis, the system examines metadata to verify the document's authenticity and potential alterations made using deceptive software like Photoshop. This involves the entire document, where the system examines related pages, checks for the presence of multiple layers indicative of masking or overlays, and conducts a thorough examination for typos, primarily focusing on English text. Additionally, IDP/FAAS utilizes additional indicators, such as assessing text alignment, font type and size, spacing between characters, and text color, contributing to its comprehensive capability in identifying and preventing forgery.

IDP/FAAS emerges as a leading solution to meet the financial institutions' demands in intelligently managing financial transactions. With its outstanding features, IDP/FAAS provides maximum security, operational efficiency, and data accuracy—a positive transformation in the modern financial world.

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