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Business Solutions and Protection with DRC (Disaster Recovery Center)

Updated: May 14

Have you heard of DRC (Disaster Recovery Center)? Let's take a look at the following explanation.

Generally, an institution or company cannot predict when a disaster will occur. Many factors can cause disasters, ranging from natural disasters such as floods or fires, viruses such as malware or ransomware, as well as disasters that can be caused by human error. Another example is when you may have experienced a well-known e-commerce service being unavailable for a significant amount of time, which can be quite disruptive. Many customers are unable to make, delay, or even cancel their transactions. The losses incurred can be significant, including both the number of canceled transactions and the damage to reputation in a short period. Disasters become even worse if there is no plan for recovery from the disaster (Disaster Recovery Plan), which can cause the disaster to not be restored in a short time. Therefore, a company should be aware of these risks, especially in terms of protecting data properly.

So, what is a DRC (Disaster Recovery Center)? DRC is a disaster recovery center. In practice, DRC must be supported by the establishment of a Data Recovery Center. DRC is like a backup or copy of your system. So, if a disaster occurs, the disaster can be quickly restored by automatically redirecting all system access to DRC. This can avoid losses, to a level close to zero

PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA one of the leading DRC service providers, has proven to be able to help complete customer businesses, so you can focus on running your business without worrying about disasters. By using DRC by PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA, we provide disaster recovery as quickly as possible, so you can minimize downtime and reduce losses. In addition, PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA will help analyze the level of DRC needs for your company so that you will get the right solution with the maximum customer needs and investment. Immediately consult your company's DRC needs with us, PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA .

Please contact us via email at We are ready to become your IT solution business partner.


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