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Disaster Recovery Center​

What is a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)?

A Disaster Recovery Center is a disaster recovery center. In its application, the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) must be supported by the establishment of a Data Recovery Center. The Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) is a kind of backup or copy of your system. So, if a disaster occurs, then this disaster can be quickly restored by automatically redirecting all system access to the DRC. This can avoid losses, to almost zero levels (no loss).

Benefits ISID Disaster Recovery Center (IDRC)

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Short implementation time

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Continuous data protection

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Cost savings

Writing an application

Experienced IT engineers with certificates to optimize services

The Importance of Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) for Companies

Let's examine the importance of the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) for your company or organization. On the other hand, you need to seriously consider the risks if you do not have a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC). There are at least several main reasons to convince you of the need for a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) for your business.


For example, if you are responsible for important data for a company, preparing a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) is the right and good step to prevent factors such as human error or disasters like floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. With the presence of a DRC, it can help the company to restore and back up important company data as before the disaster occurred.


The advantage that can be gained from the DRC system is that if there is a failure of the company's machine or hardware, it is already using the best and most expensive device. Through the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), you don't need to worry if your hardware fails or doesn't work optimally at any time.


PT ISID Indonesia has a solution in the Disaster Recovery Center service, namely IDRC (Isid Disaster Recovery Center). IDRC can provide protection and satisfaction to customers by providing fast, accurate, and reliable services 24/7/365, so your business will continue to grow and experience rapid profits.

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