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AMS (Activity Management System)

Activity Management System is the system that helps to manage the activity of the employee. The system helps to monitor the activities and performance of each employee and to improve the sales productivity of each employee.

Benefits of Activity Management System (AMS)


Accurately tracked work activities of the employee

Properly tracking work activity gives both employee and supervisors access to updates as well as observe the progress made by workers daily.


Activity Monitoring Report

With activity monitoring report you can view and monitor the team’s performance.

Key Feature of Activity Management System (AMS)


Activity Management

  • To show calendar that contains information about user daily activities

  • To set calendar view to daily, weekly or monthly with weekly view as default

  • To create, edit and delete activities when user click on specified date on calendar

Activity Monitoring Report

  • Leader will be able to view their own activities and also their down lines in their hierarchy

  • Head Office Management will be able to view all activities (personal, branch, regions, national)

  • Sales Achievement : MTD FYAP, MTD Cases, Ave Case Size, Manpower

  • Report type :
    - For Leaders
    - For Head Office Management
    - Agent Profile
    - Weekly Diary by Agent’s name
    - Weekly Diary by Team/Group

  • Export to Excel

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