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Anti Money Laundering

Protecting Finance, Preserving Integrity.

AML Solutions for a Secure Future!

AML (Anti Money Laundering) is a set of policies, procedures, and technologies designed to prevent, detect, and report money laundering and terrorism financing activities in financial institutions. Its aim is to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and maintain the integrity of financial markets.

With our AML solution, you can confidently manage risks and ensure full compliance with regulations, while we provide robust protection for your financial institution. Get the security and peace of mind you need with the latest AML technology from


Features for IT Governance

  1. LoginOnly User with username & password could access this system

  2. User ManagementShow list of User, Add New User, Edit User, Activate or Deactivate User

  3. Roles ManagementShow list of User roles in the system

  4. Log ActivityShow date and time of all activities happened from All user, such as Login, Upload File, Update Setting


Data Centralization

AML enables the consolidation of watchlist data from various institutions with different file formats into a single centralized location.


Enhanced Efficiency

AML accelerates the process of screening customer data from different institutions by eliminating the need to open each watchlist file individually.


Easy Monitoring

AML facilitates easy comparison of updated data with previous data, which can be highlighted by the system for easy monitoring.

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Protecting Finance, Preserving Integrity.

AML Solutions for a Secure Future!

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