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Speed Processing Intelligent Claim Automation

Smart and Efficient Insurance Claim Transformation!


SPICA (Speed Processing Intelligent Claim Automation) is a breakthrough in the evolution of insurance claim automation. By combining artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, SPICA is designed to address the needs of insurance companies seeking efficient and intelligent solutions in managing outpatient and inpatient claims.

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Here is the reason, WHY CHOOSE SPICA?


Outstanding Adaptability:

SPICA can effortlessly adapt to various layouts and formats of different claim documents. This flexibility enables SPICA to tackle challenges in dynamic environments, providing effective solutions for every business need.

Remarkable Time Efficiency:

SPICA not only reduces reliance on manual work but also optimizes time in the claim processing. By accelerating processes, SPICA delivers a faster and more responsive experience to meet customer expectations.

Handling Diverse Document Formats:

SPICA has the capability to manage claim documents in various formats, including those used by insurance companies and hospitals. This ensures the integrity and accuracy of data, making the generated information reliable.


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In carrying out its tasks, SPICA utilizes AI document processing technology to read insurance claim forms typically in PDF or JPG format. After reading, the file is then converted into an Excel file format. Subsequently, Automation processing is implemented to validate claim policies in accordance with the insurance company's regulations and automatically input the data into the ERP system or core system owned by the insurance company. With just one click, the insurance claim analysis process can be completed. This not only accelerates a process that was previously done manually and time-consuming but also ensures the accuracy of the data analyzed by SPICA. Despite the application's high-speed data processing capabilities, accuracy remains a top priority.


Smart and Efficient Insurance Claim Transformation!

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