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Consumer Finance

Integrated Consumer Financial Solutions

In modern life, the need for consumer goods for the smooth running of daily life can be overcome through consumer financing. For example, its use for consumer goods includes electronics, vehicles, household appliances and other necessities.

The benefits of consumer financing, among others:

  • Solve the problem of funds when purchasing the items needed

  • Simple financing procedure

  • Financing approval is more concise and faster

  • Affordable interest & flexible payment terms

  • Products are ready to use at any time for the needs of consumers

What is the difference between consumer financing and leasing?


In general, leasing is a form of financing of capital goods which can be allocated with option (finance lease) or without option (operating lease) which can be based on predetermined period of time. As can be seen, leasing provides the use of funds for company assets, such as operational vehicles, machinery, and heavy equipment. In the other hand, consumer financing is more directed towards the purpose of personal consumption goods.

Lamp Consumer Finance

Lamp is an integrated financial suite tailored for client. Lamp offers packaged solution to meet your operation needs in consumer finance operational.

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Consumer Finance Module Overview

Consumer Finance Module Overview.png

Regulation Integrated System

Lamp System can easily integrated with other system and fulfill OJK Regulation.

Regulation Integrated System.png

Why choose Lamp Consumer Finance?

In general, Lamp Consumer Finance is a new solution & breakthrough to make it easier for you to make payments for consumer goods that can be integrated with other systems safely and easily. With the benefits of flexible payment times, it will certainly facilitate the welfare of consumers in the long term.

Lamp definition can be define as :

ocal Customized Modul

Automatic parameterization system

M ultiple option for implemention

P owerfull comprehensive solution

Advantages of Lamp Consumer Finance


Affordable Price

Monthly cost in Cloud or On Premise

User Management.jpg

Maintenance Infrastructure on Cloud by PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA

can reduce IT task in your company (Low IT resources).

Application Setting.png

Highly Expandable

Easy customization by use UI Path


Fast Implementation

Lamp consumer finance module already support your main operational and SLIK OJK regulation


Integrated Consumer Financial Solutions

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