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The Best Digital Form Solution for Your Business

Do you have any problem of “Paper Report” on-site?

Problem when filling out

  • Missing entry

  • Entry error

  • There is a difference in how to fill in (personalization)

  • Fill in the same content over and over

Post processing issue

  • Aggregation work

  • Creating a report

  • Registration to the system

We need a tool that easier to input in the field than paper form.

We need a tool that don’t require time and development costs to share and visualize the right information.

The solution is...

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i-Reporter is a platform or application that enables users to record, report, and access information directly using devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Windows tablets, without paper. With features that can be integrated with data management systems and the ability to store and share information electronically, i-Reporter enhances operational efficiency, reporting quality, and reduces costs associated with paper usage and manual processes. By encouraging the transition from traditional paper workflows to digital solutions, i-Reporter helps organizations improve productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness to changes, while providing direct access to information needed for faster and more accurate decision-making.

Efficiency Without Limits: Fast, Accurate, and Environmentally Friendly

Do you need further explanation?

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The difference in workflow before and after using

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No need to print out paper, work instructions can be automatically preset into the form in advance. In addition, once the work and forms have been recorded, you just apply for approval to complete the work.

This eliminates report writing and duplicate entry.

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Here is the reason, WHY CHOOSE I-REPORTER?

Your paper forms and Excel forms convert to digital forms with no programming or retraining

The forms your employees know work exactly the same, no need to spend endless hours retraining. Forms work intuitively and capture data accurately. No need to spend hours retraining how to use the digital form.

Reduce input errors and capture various kinds of data.

i-Reporter allows you to set ranges for data input, set required data fields,embed photos from the iPhone/iPads camera,read barcodes or QRCodes, plus many more. Make sure the data entered into forms is accurate and all essential data is captured.


Always know what is happening on the manufacturing floor or in the field.

Data from forms is instantly available once the form is uploaded to the server. The data can then be exported via CSV, Excel, PDF, or to other systems via the built-in API.


i-Reporter is feature-rich and puts everything someone on-site or production floor in one app.

Users can reference manuals, take photos, check schedules, and their data is accessible in real-time. i-Reporter can also be customized for any industry, or workflow, to make sure on-site users collect data quickly and accurately.

Easily link with external systems and databases with an API.

Data from forms can be sent to external systems and also used to populate on-site or production floor forms. i-Reporter automates data tabulation, reporting, and analytics when forms are submitted to the server. This saves time by eliminating manual report compilation.

i-Reporter png.png

​The Best Digital Form Solution for Your Business

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