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Innovative Solution for Business Procurement Management

In the competitive business world, efficient and effective procurement management is the key to success. Recognizing the importance of this, Bizpro emerges as an innovative solution to assist companies in managing their procurement processes.

Bizpro is an application based on "Data Integration System Information” specifically designed to accommodate the procurement needs of companies. With advanced and intuitive features, Bizpro simplifies and expedites the procurement process for goods and services, allowing companies to optimize their operations. Here are some of the features available in Bizpro.

BizPro Feature


Budget Management

Track budget
expense, multiple type budget breakdown

Purchase Management

PR, PO, Marketplace, GR

Vendor Management

Registration, Contract, blacklist

Payment Information

Payment Request

Workflow Management

Easy to modify current workflow


Bidding Management

Schedule, Bidding Announcement, Bidding Collection Method, Scoring, Bidding evaluation

Asset Tracking

Register Asset, Track Asset Movement & Condition

Parameter Setting

A lot of parameterize variable (additional Field, Tax, Master Item etc.)

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