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Do you know what are the future regulatory requirements for Fintech Organizations?

As we all know, Fintech, Futures and Effects Organization as a Financial Industry Institution is on the rise and thus requires regulatory compliance from the Government body such as OJK. Based on this condition, it is imperative for Fintech Organization to prepare for the ability to fulfill the aforementioned regulations and requirements by the Government.

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SLIK Reporting

Based on SEOJK No.3/SEOJK.03/2021, OJK allows stakeholders in information technology-based lending and borrowing services or fintech peer to peer lending to report their customer data.

POJK No. 64/POJK.03/2020

OJK issued the POJK as a renewal of POJK No.18/POJK.03/2017 that dictates several changes in SLIK usage and regulatory compliances. One example is the inclusion of Futures and Effect Companies now listed as compulsory SLIK reporter to OJK. Fintech companies will follow suit in the near future, with a separate POJK on the horizon.

What are SLIK and its advantages ?


Reporting of Your Customer

SLIK Reporting is basically a report of your existing customer and their performances for OJK in monthly basis.



By using SLIK reporting you can access OJK IDeb data to check you upcoming customer.


KYC – Know Your Customer

Implementing SLIK reporting is befecial to your organization as it enables you to perform KYC. Identifying your potential customers.

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