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SLIK Business Challanges

You and your organization might be wondering what actions that have to be performed to fulfill OJK regulations related to SLIK?


1.   An application to facilitates SLIK Reporting to OJK

Your organization definitely need an IT-based application that can operate as the reporting tools for SLIK reporting. A simple yet accurate, affordable, and secure application

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2.   Data Source Readiness

An incomprehensive and disjointed data source will only hinders the SLIK reporting process. An allocated Datawarehouse staging which is only for reporting is the preferred way.

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3. Organizational Preparedness

A specific team will be required to perform the application control and usage for the monthly SLIK reporting. The team must understand and have the knowledge of the data requirement.

If your organization tries to fulfill these preparations by its own, you may encounter these following risks:

  1. Difficulty in designing, developing, testing, and deploying the SLIK reporting application

  2. Your organization might not have the time to properly develop and implement the SLIK reporting system.

  3. Developing SLIK Reporting app on your own might require your organization to split the focus both for the reporting and for the application development and maintenance.

  4. Reliability and Performance issues

  5. Your developers must be well equipped to adapt to OJK regulatory changes into a technical changes implemented to your SLIK reporting system

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