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KICK-OFF Meeting of the Year of 2021

As always, We kick-start our year with a meeting: a get-together where we present our results and discuss our next strategies that followed with a feast. Being an IT Company, everyone is anywhere we are needed to serve our valued Customers; so kick­off meeting is also a chance to be in a our full formation and to see each other after a while away.

Looking back to the past year, the Year of 2020 was started with a great feeling and many high hopes. However, it evidently soon became an exceptional year with its unexpected twists and turns. Covid-19 was the super big bad wolf we were trying to "dance" with; the whole world was trying to.

We faced more challenges; professionally and personally. Not only we needed to manage our tasks and completed our projects in an absolutely new and unknown situation – being aware that others faced the same problem; but we also tasted the thriller sensation of waiting for the result of the medical test each times Covid-19 brushed with us too close, and being worried for the safety of our members and our loved ones. We have our survivors and we are thankful that they are safe and healthy now.

 All in all, we are humble to say that we made it!

We survived the Year of 2020 and we have many things to be grateful for.

Kudos to the Heroes of the Year: our Sales Front who was relentlessly chasing the new opportunities; the Technical Team who made it happened despite all the odds; and the Back-Office who literally watched our back; and above all, to our Management for their directions and full supports. We thanked our valued Customers for their trusts on our services, and our Business Partners for their good cooperation. We closed the year of 2020 with the same feeling as we started it: a great feeling and many high hopes.

We kick-start this year today; on Jan 15th 2021. With the increasing number of the case of Covid-19, once again we are in a PSBB period. So we gather together through the screens and bring our kick-off meeting to our home. We arrange a small treat for our members & their family and try to capture this blessing moment.

May the Year of 2021 become a thriving year for us and a recovering year for the whole world.

Be safe and healthy, and take care!

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