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Revolutionizing Financial Analysis with AI Precision

FAAS application is a technology-based software solution designed to automate the process of financial document processing and analysis. By using artificial intelligence (AI), the FAAS application can extract important information from financial reports such as Business Summary, Executive Summary, Management Discussion, Risk Factors, Stockholder Information, and Financial Data Analysis.

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Financial Statement Analysis

FAAS Flow Process


FAAS offers two innovative methods for analyzing financial statements: uploading financial reports in PDF format or creating new analysis tasks directly within the application. What sets FAAS apart from similar applications is its ability to perform not only standard analysis but also free-style analysis. With FAAS, you get a more advanced and versatile solution to meet all your company's financial analysis needs, ensuring unmatched accuracy and efficiency.
Your Ultimate Tool for Accurate and Flexible Financial Analysis!

Standard Analysis FAAS

Business Meeting

S1: Business Summary

  • What the company does

  • Who its customers are

  • Industry in which it operates

  • Recent major events

Business Handshake

S2: Executive Summary

  • Company director list

  • Executive earning structure

  • Directors’ plan to minimize  debt and increase profitability

Business meeting

S3: Management View

  • View on financial condition

  • View on changes of economic environment

  • View on company outlook

Financial Report

S4: Risk Factor

  • Company litigation and legal cases

  • Company outstanding debts and insolvency risk

  • Company unexpected / extraordinary events 

  • Company faced market risk information

  • Company faced credit risk information

  • Company faced liquidity risk information

  • Potential risk highlight

Working with Financial Documents

S5: Stockholder Information

  • Stockholder list

  • Dividend policies and activities

  • Share issuance

  • Share buyback

Financial District

S6: Financial Data Analysis

  • Balance sheet performance

  • Income statement performance

  • Cash-flow performance

Main Features

FAAS for Financial Statement

Information Collection: Table Example
Automatically pinpoint the exact location of the desired information within the document, gather all relevant data, and transform it into a structured table. If adjustments are needed, users can effortlessly edit the output table to meet their specific requirements.

Analysis/Calculation: Calculation Example
Automatically compute values based on provided formulas, utilizing data extracted from other information analysis points. Users retain the flexibility to fine-tune results by editing the output table according to their preferences.

Summary: Analysis Example
Automatically unravel the significance of numbers and fluctuations based on provided financial data. Drawing from various data extraction points, our tool provides profound insights. What's more, users have the freedom to refine outcomes effortlessly through editing the output table.

Final Output: Analysis Report Example

This report, serving as the culmination of all analyses, consolidates and summarizes the findings of our Financial Statement Analysis function. This page is pivotal, offering:

  1. Online report editing Swiftly adjust content to your needs with ease.

  2. Report download in Word format Facilitate further usage, including printing or ongoing analysis with other tools.

  3. Rerun individual analyses Update the report effortlessly, dynamically incorporating any recent changes.

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FAAS: Your Ultimate Tool for Accurate and Flexible Financial Analysis

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